What To Serve With Salisbury Steak – 11 Delicious Side Dishes

If youre wondering what to serve with your Salisbury steak, youve come to the right place.

In this article, I list 11 of the most popular side dishes for Salisbury steak.

In a rush? Heres the short answer.

The best side dishes for Salisbury steak are brown butter glazed carrots, grilled zucchini spears, and egg noodles. You can also serve some classic options like garlic mashed potatoes, peas and pancetta, or creamy garlic mushrooms. For fresher options, go with a brown and rice medley or an apple feta spinach salad.

Ready? Lets jump right in.

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes 

Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. Theyre perfect for a cold winters day.

And when you mix them with the gravy from the Salisbury steak the yum factor is off the scale!

The secret to making these creamy garlic mashed potatoes is to cook the potatoes with milk and herbs.

This lets the flavors really infuse into the potatoes.

Psst mashed cauliflower is a great low-carb alternative to potatoes.

Brown butter glazed carrots

In a rush?

Take a look at your refrigerator and see if you have carrots.

Glaze them with a butter and maple syrup mix and toss them in the oven. In 20 minutes theyll have turned into the tastiest carrots youve ever tasted.

Trust me, you wont regret trying these brown butter-glazed carrots.

Brown and wild rice medley

Okay, weve all heard about fried rice.

But have you ever tried a brown and wild rice medley?

Wild rice has a deep, nutty flavor that goes well with the hamburger steak. And the brown rice will soak up all the sauce beautifully, so every mouthful will be packed with flavor.

You can even add some pecans or pistachios for more crunch.

Make your plate stand out by serving this unique rice medley. Your family will undoubtedly like it!

Peas and pancetta

Want to make your Salisbury steak feel like a real steak?

Serve with peas and pancetta, a traditional Italian side dish.

Its perfect for when you need something fancy, like for date night or a dinner party.

The vibrant green peas and pink pancetta will look great next to the duller browns of the meat and the sauce.

Add some shaved parmesan and you have the perfect peas and pancetta.

Apple feta spinach salad

This isnt your typical spinach salad.

Its more on the sweet tangy side. And I love the crunch that you get from the nuts the recipe uses pecans but I sometimes use walnuts or almonds instead.

Its the perfect accompaniment when you want something light and fresh with your Salisbury steak.

If you enjoy salads then youre in for a treat with this apple feta spinach salad.

Buttered egg noodles

Buttered egg noodles are great for a quick weeknight meal.

All you need is 20 minutes and a few ingredients.

Picky eaters wont have a problem with this dish either. I mean, who can resist a butter and parmesan combo?

Place your Salisbury steak on a bed on these buttery egg noodles and be prepared for everyone to ask for seconds.

Parmesan herb-roasted acorn squash

Acorn squash is a healthy guilt-free side dish.

Its the epitome of fall, and pairing it with your Salisbury steak will make you feel all warm and cozy inside.

If you cant find any acorn squash, you substitute it for pumpkin or butternut squash instead. Sweet potatoes are another option.

Last ingredient makes the yummiest parmesan herb-roasted acorn squash ever.

Lemon spritz asparagus and broccoli

Most of the time, taking a simple and uncomplicated route is best.

Lemon spritz asparagus and broccoli is a great summer side to brighten your Salisbury steak.

The acidity from the lemon cuts through the richness of the dish and keeps it from becoming too heavy.

Enjoy this 15-minute side dish to the fullest by sprinkling goat cheese on top!

Garlic mushrooms

I know what youre thinking.

Salisbury steak already has mushrooms in the sauce but theres nothing wrong with double mushrooms!

Especially if you douse the mushrooms in a garlic sauce to keep them nice and juicy.

(you can never have too much garlic either.)

Look at these tasty sheet pan garlic mushrooms.

Pickled red cabbage

Whats better than a Salisbury steak?

Salisbury with pickled cabbage on the side, of course!

Pickled red cabbage adds a brilliant pop of color to the dish. And the sour, tart flavor will help cut through a super-rich hamburger steak.

Youll need to plan ahead for this pickled red cabbage, but its well worth it.

Psst braised red cabbage would work well too.

Crusty bread rolls

Who said you have to be a master baker to achieve beautiful, artisan bread?

Its actually really easy to do at home!

These genius no-knead artisan bread rolls involve just five minutes of work. The rest is rising and baking time.

The thick crust and chewy bread are perfect for mopping up any leftover sauce.

The best side dishes for Salisbury steak

  • Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
  • Brown butter glazed carrots
  • Brown and wild rice medley
  • Peas and pancetta
  • Apple feta spinach salad
  • Buttered egg noodles
  • Parmesan herb-roasted acorn squash
  • Lemon spritz asparagus and broccoli
  • Garlic mushrooms
  • Pickled red cabbage
  • Crusty bread rolls

What To Serve With Salisbury Steak

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your Salisbury steak.

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Salisbury steak side dishes, what to serve with Salisbury steak
Prep Time: 5minutes
Cook Time: 20minutes
Total Time: 25minutes
Servings: 1person
Calories: 169kcal


  • 1portionSalisbury steak


  • Prepare your Salisbury steak according to your favorite recipe.
  • Meanwhile, select one of the following sides to go with it.
  • Side dishes include: roasted garlic mashed potatoes, brown butter glazed carrots, brown and wild rice medley, peas and pancetta, apple feta spinach salad, buttered egg noodles, parmesan herb-roasted acorn squash, lemon spritz asparagus and broccoli, garlic mushrooms, pickled red cabbage, and crusty bread rolls.
  • .Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 169kcal


What are good sides with Salisbury steak?

Rice and noodles are the perfect side dishes for salisbury steak because they don’t fight with the gravy for flavor control!
egg noodles.
any buttered pasta shape with a quick shake of parmesan cheese.
Noodles Romanaff.
jalapeno cheese grits.
buttered rice.
rice cooked in beef broth or french onion soup.
macaroni and cheese.

What pairs well with hamburger steak?

When enjoying a comforting hamburger steak and gravy, mashed potatoes immediately comes to mind. It’s the perfect side dish to sop up all that flavorful brown gravy!

What sides can you have with steak?

10 steak side dish ideas
Macaroni cheese. Go US-style and serve a small portion of mac ‘n’ cheese on the side.
Tomatoes. Half a grilled tomato is a steakhouse classic.
Spicy slaw. A simple slaw can be a great way to add freshness and bite to your meal.
Refried beans.
Spiralized veg.
Corn on the cob.
Creamed spinach.

What is the difference between Salisbury steak and country style steak?

Salisbury steak is a dish sometimes confused with country-fried steak. Both are smothered in thick brown gravy, but Salisbury steak is made with ground beef formed into what resembles miniature or personal-sized meat loaves.

What to serve at a dinner party with steak?

Best Steak Side Dishes
Cheesy Garlic Dinner Rolls.
Sautéed Asparagus.
Creamy Potatoes au Gratin.
Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms.
Air Fryer French Fries.
Honey Roasted Carrots.
Baked Potato Wedges.
Creamy Garlic Mashed Cauliflower.

What do Italians eat with steak?

Two of the most popular ways to prepare a steak are tagliata – grilled strip loin, sliced and served with peppery arugula and lemon – and Bistecca alla Fiorentina, an extra thick T-bone grilled over high heat. Get our recipes!

What dessert goes with steak?

29 Desserts That Perfectly Follow A Beef Dish
Tiramisu. Tres Leches Cake. English Custard. Ice Cream. Crème Brûlée. Cheesecake. Flan.
Sorbet. Rhubarb Tart. Strawberry Shortcake. Raspberry Walnut Torte. Apple Pie. Lemon Souffles.
Bananas Foster. Mochi. Cupcakes. Matcha Macarons. Champagne Strawberry Posset. Cotton-Candy Topped.

How do you cook frozen Salisbury steaks?

Tiramisu is one of 29 desserts that go well with a beef dish. Cake with Tres Leches. Custard in the English style. It’s ice cream. Brûlée de crème. Cheesecake. Flan.
Sorbet. Tart with Rhubarb. Shortcake with strawberries. Torte de Raspberries et Noix. Pie with apples. Souffles au citron.
Foster’s Bananas. Mochi. Cupcakes. Macarons with Matcha. Champagne Posset with strawberries. Cotton candy on top.

Is hamburger steak a southern thing?

It’s an old favorite, southern style, comfort food. Hamburger Steak with Onions and Gravy recipe. One of my favorite Southern style comfort foods is Hamburger Steak topped with Onions and Gravy.

What sides are good?

Every great meal has to have delicious sides to complement it! This is a list of amazing side dishes to make at your next family dinner.
Fresh green beans.
Sautéed zucchini and squash.
Salad with fruits.
roasted veggies.
Garden salad.
Mashed potatoes.
White rice.
Mexican corn off the cob.

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