What To Serve With Chimichurri Steak – 45 Tasty Sides

If youre wondering what to serve with your chimichurri steak youve come to the right place.

In this article, I list 45 of the most popular side dishes for chimichurri steak.

In a rush? Heres the short answer.

The best side dishes to serve chimichurri steak are lemon herb couscous, herbed flatbread, and potato hash with egg. You can also serve classic sides like french fries, roasted vegetables, or garlic butter rice. For more green options, you can serve a grilled peach salad or a butter lettuce salad.

Ready? Lets jump right in.


Salads are great as a starter or side dish for your chimichurri steak.

A quick arugula salad sounds heavenly with the zesty steak, but you can also introduce a fruity twist with a grilled peach salad.

Blackberry goat cheese salad

Blackberry goat cheese salad is the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors with a lovely bit of crunch.

Its a tasty late summer salad that you can flaunt at any dinner party.

And with a chimichurri steak served next to it, itll feel like youre eating at a Michelin star restaurant!

It only takes 15 minutes to make too.

Featured recipeBlackberry goat cheese saladSkip the fruity twistArugula goat cheese saladFire up the grillGrilled eggplant and goat cheese salad

Butter lettuce salad

Looking for a quick and tasty side dish for your weekend steak nights?

Theres nothing more simple than serving a salad at your dinner table.

Its light, refreshing, and makes sure the steak is the star of the show.

This butter lettuce salad can be made in a flash, but has all the elements you expect. Some crunchy croutons, salty cheese, and a vibrant vinaigrette.

Recipe FeaturedButter lettuce saladMake a classicCaesar salad with garlic croutonsMake it fancyMicrogreens and radish salad

Grilled peach salad

Theres nothing like having a grilled peach salad on a hot summers day.

And you know what else goes with peaches?

Thats right chimichurri steak!

The tangy chimichurri sauce and the savory steak are crying out for a touch of sweetness, and thats exactly what the peaches bring.

This grilled peach salad is both beautiful and delicious.

Recipe FeaturedGrilled peach salad with berriesMake it Italian-inspiredPeach panzanella with burrataMake a dessertPeach mousse trifle

Pico de gallo

End your work week right with a perfectly cooked chimichurri steak and a serving of this fresh pico de gallo.

The herbaceous chimichurri sauce needs something just as vibrant to stand up to its flavors.

And this zesty tomato salsa fits the bill.

Add more tomatoes for a sweeter salsa or another jalapeno pepper for a more fiery one.

Recipe FeaturedPico de galloAdd a fruity twistFresh mango salsaStart the grill.Grilled corn salsa

Grilled zucchini salad

Having the chimichurri steak at a summer barbecue or potluck?

The grilled zucchini salad is a unique and tasty option for you to take along.

This 20-minute salad is colorful and simple, and the zucchini brings a smokey flavor to the dish.

Psst you can swap the goats cheese for feta if you prefer.

Recipe FeaturedGrilled zucchini saladA traditional Mexican dishMexican zucchini and corn (calabacitas)Make it decadentZoodles cacio e pepe


Steak and starchy side dishes go together like peanut butter and jelly.

You can never go wrong with a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, but there are loads of options to choose from if you want to think out of the box.

Fondant potatoes are a deliciously elegant option, and I love homemade French fries too!

French fries

French fries are a pretty common side to serve with steak and its easy to see why.

Once you start mopping up the steak juices with your fries its hard to stop!

And this recipe gives you loads of flavor variations to pick from, my favorite being the Mexican seasoning.

I’d also turn down some garlic butter fries.

Recipe FeaturedHomemade French friesAnother favoriteGarlic parmesan potato wedgesMake it low-carbGolden baked jicama fries

Herbed flatbread with whipped feta

Tired of munching on the same old boring carbs with your steak?

Why not make herbed flatbread with whipped feta instead?

It adds a nice fancy element to your steak and the whipped feta tastes amazing with the chimichurri sauce.

You can slice the steak up and serve it on top like an open-face sandwich.

Recipe FeaturedHerbed flatbread with whipped fetaMake it yeast-freeYogurt flatbreadsA Latin American classicVenezuelan arepas

Lemon dill potato salad

Ive never met anyone who can resist a good potato salad.

Your typical mayo-based potato salads would probably be too much for chimichurri steak.

But this potato salad is light, lemony, and refreshing. Your chimichurri sauce will still be the main flavor on the plate.

Warning: once you try this lemon dill potato salad, you might never go back.

Recipe FeaturedLemon dill potato saladFire up the ovenFondant potatoesMake it differentCrispy leaf potatoes

Garlic butter rice

You can never go wrong with a rice and chimichurri steak combo for dinner.

And fluffy rice, seasoned perfectly with garlic and butter, is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser

Its affordable, filling, and has plenty of room for customizations I like to make mine extra garlicky!

Check out cooking class for this scrumptious recipe.

Recipe FeaturedGarlic butter riceMake it tropicalCoconut riceReduce the carbs.Mediterranean cauliflower rice

Potato hash with egg

Who says you cant have breakfast for dinner? Steak and eggs is a classic, and this recipe adds the carbs.

The velvety egg yolks will mix with your herby sauce and coat the steak in yumminess.

Check out Aberdeens kitchen to learn how to make this tasty one-pan potato hash with egg.

Psst it would be great for Sunday brunch too.

Recipe FeaturedPotato hash with eggMake it crispyHashbrownsPreheat the ovenHasselback potatoes

Lemon herb couscous

Couscous often gets forgotten and honestly, I dont know why.

It is less difficult to prepare than pasta and rice. Plus its so versatile.

You can make it into a salad or serve it with a hearty stew.

But in our case, were using it to make a lovely bed for our steak. The chopped herbs go perfectly with the chimichurri.

Recipe FeaturedLemon herb couscousAdd veggiesIsraeli couscous with spinach and mushroomsMake it Italian-themed.Pearl couscous risotto


Keep your chimichurri steak light and low-carb with a nourishing veggie side!

Take inspiration from the classic steakhouse menu with creamed spinach or go down the simple route with buttered vegetables.

Creamed spinach

Creamed spinach is a classic steakhouse side dish.

The mild, buttery, cheesy spinach melds together with the tender steak perfectly.

And this dish is incredibly easy to prepare it only takes 20 minutes from prep time to cook time.


Recipe FeaturedCreamed spinachTurn on the oven.Spinach rockefeller Reduce the carbs.Sauteed spinach

Roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables are vibrant, tasty, and healthy.

You dont need to overthink it.

All you need is a blend of your favorite vegetables, then some seasoning (garlic and herb in this case).

Roast the vegetables until theyre tender, but not soft, then serve. And if you have any spare chimichurri sauce, drizzle it over the veggies for a quick flavor boost.

Recipe FeaturedRoasted vegetablesGo FrenchVegetable tianKeep it simpleSteamed vegetables with garlic butter

Brussels sprouts with balsamic glaze

Not a fan of Brussels sprouts?

Maybe you just havent cooked them the right way.

Roasting them mellows out their bitter flavor and the balsamic glaze adds a layer of complexity that works wonderfully with the savory steak.

Take Julia Albums lead for the best Brussel sprouts youll ever make.

Recipe FeaturedBrussels sprouts with balsamic glazeMake it cheesyGarlic parmesan roasted brussels sprouts Skip the ovenFried brussels sprouts

Mashed cauliflower

Want to give your chimichurri steak a new twist?

Serve it alongside a dollop of creamy mashed cauliflower and let the mash soak up all the lovely juices from the steak.

Cauliflower is a great low-carb alternative to mashed potatoes, and it has a lighter feel to it so you dont need to worry about feeling stuffed afterwards.

Check out this recipe for cauliflower mash for a smooth and velvety side dish.

Recipe FeaturedMashed cauliflowerAnother low-carb optionRoasted parsnip pureeMake it decadentCauliflower cheese

The best side dishes for chimichurri steak

  • French fries
  • Herbed flatbread with whipped feta
  • Lemon dill potato salad
  • Garlic butter rice
  • Potato hash with egg
  • Lemon herb couscous
  • Blackberry goat cheese salad
  • Butter lettuce salad
  • Grilled peach salad
  • Grilled zucchini salad
  • Pico de gallo
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Brussels sprouts with balsamic glaze
  • Mashed cauliflower
  • Creamed spinach

What To Serve With Chimichurri Steak (45 Ideas)

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your chimichurri steak.

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: chimichurri steak side dishes, what to serve with chimichurri steak
Prep Time: 5minutes
Cook Time: 20minutes
Total Time: 25minutes
Servings: 1person
Calories: 175kcal


  • 1portionFrench fries
  • 1portionbutter lettuce salad
  • 1portioncreamed spinach
  • 1portiongrilled peach salad
  • 1portionlemon herb couscous
  • 1portionroasted vegetables and more


  • Prepare your chimichurri steak according to the directions on the package.
  • Meanwhile, select one of the following sides to go with it.
  • Side dishes include: herbed flatbread with whipped feta, lemon herb couscous, blackberry goat cheese salad, roasted vegetables, french fries, grilled peach salad, potato hash with egg, butter lettuce salad, garlic butter rice, pico de gallo, brussels sprouts with balsamic glaze, mashed cauliflower, lemon dill potato salad, creamed spinach, and grilled zucchini salad.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 175kcal


What sides go with steak and chimichurri?

What to Serve with Chimichurri Steak? 7 DELICIOUS SIDE DISHES
1 – Coleslaw.
2 – Fried Potatoes.
3 – Fruit Salad.
4 – Fried Noodles or Rice.
5 – Mashed Potatoes.
6 – Grilled Potatoes.
7 – Herbed Flatbread.

What does chimichurri pair well with?

You’ll often see chimichurri sauce served with steak, but why stop there? It’s also great on grilled chicken, fish, and a whole host of vegetarian foods. One of my favorites ways to eat chimichurri is to use it as a dip for toasted crusty bread.

What are Argentinian side dishes?

Popular Argentine side dishes include salsa criolla, asado platter, chimichurri sauce, eggplant escabeche, provoleta, chipa and locro. They please meat lovers and vegetarians, reflecting the vibrant diversity of Argentine cuisine. They also pair expertly with their respective mains.

What do you eat with Argentinian steak?

A traditional Asado is served with a green salad and vegetables. We chose to serve a Hearts of Palm & Avocado Salad. It had chunks of grapefruit in it too, along with a tangy white wine vinegar-based dressing. Simply spiced aubergine (eggplant) and red bell peppers were grilled up too.

What do Italians eat with steak?

Tagliata (grilled strip loin cut and served with peppery arugula and lemon) and Bistecca alla Fiorentina (extra thick T-bone cooked over high heat) are two of the most popular methods to prepare a steak. Obtain our recipes!

What sides can you have with steak?

10 steak side dish ideas
Macaroni cheese. Go US-style and serve a small portion of mac ‘n’ cheese on the side.
Tomatoes. Half a grilled tomato is a steakhouse classic.
Spicy slaw. A simple slaw can be a great way to add freshness and bite to your meal.
Refried beans.
Spiralized veg.
Corn on the cob.
Creamed spinach.

How long should chimichurri sit before eating?

Let the chimichurri sit at room temperature overnight for the flavors to develop. The longer it sits out on the counter, the more the flavor intensifies. Refrigerate after 1 to 2 days.

Is chimichurri bad for cholesterol?

Chimichurri is a power house of healthy fats and medicinal herbs. Olive oil is packed with monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFA’s which have been shown to lower low-density lipoproteins (LDL) as well as total cholesterol levels.

Is chimichurri a Mexican dish?

This Chimichurri Sauce recipe is the ultimate Mexican marinade or condiment. Made with cilantro, parsley, peppers, and garlic, it’s great on grilled steak, chicken, or vegetables.

What vegetables go well with chimichurri steak?

15 Side Dishes For Chimichurri Steak
Herby Flatbread With Whipped Feta.
Lemon Herb Cous Cous.
Potato Wedges.
Roasted Vegetables.
Mashed Potatoes.
Potato Hash With Egg.
Cauliflower Mash.

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