All Champagne Dinner with Veuve-Fourny & Fils

All of you that joined us for the Kermit Lynch wine dinner a few weeks ago with Lyle Railsback know what an incredible source of information he is about wine. We're fortunate to have him back at Underbelly next week with Charles-Henry Fourny of Veuve Forny & Fils for an all champagne dinner. That's right-all champagne!
The Fourny family has been farming and making champagne in Vertus since the mid-1800s. Charles-Henry and his brother Emmanuel took over the reigns from the father in 1993 and have continued on the path of innovation steeped in tradition. 
Please join us Wednesday, July 27 at 7:30pm for a dinner by Chris Shepherd paired with the following four champagnes: 

Veuve Fourny & Fils NV Blanc de Blanc 1er Cru
Veuve Fourny & Fils NV Cuvee "R" Extra Brut
Veuve Fourny & Fils NV Rose Brut 1er Cru 
    Veuve Fourny & Fils NV Grand Reserve Brut   

Vendor: Underbelly

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