48 Delectable Sides to Serve with Naan Bread

What should you serve with your naan bread? You’ve arrived to the correct location.

In this essay, I present 48 of the most popular naan bread side dishes.

In a rush? Heres the short answer.

Butter chicken, palak paneer, spinach lentil dal, and sage lamb kofta are the greatest meals to serve with naan bread. For additional vegetarian alternatives, try chana masala, jalapeño mango chutney, or veggie korma. Shakshuka, flank steak, or carnitas are some uncommon yet good options.

Ready? Lets jump right in.

Butter chicken

Butter chicken (or any curry, actually) and naan are a famous combination for a reason.

Nothing beats pulling apart a soft naan and scooping up the creamy sauce and succulent chicken with it.

This butter chicken dish is ideal for hectic weeknights. There’s no need to marinate this dish, and it only takes 40 minutes to prepare and cook.

Psst kids love it!

Recipe FeaturedButter chicken on the stovetopCreate another classic.Korma (chicken curry)Thai chicken curry with coconut in one pot

Palak paneer

You’ll appreciate this palak paneer whether you’re a vegetarian or not.

It’s a delectable blend of earthy spinach, creamy cheese, and traditional Indian spices. Because spinach is the sauce, it’s also an excellent way to get more vegetables into your diet.


If you can’t get paneer, you may use extra firm tofu.

Recipe FeaturedPaneer paneerAnother favorite among Indians.Jalfrezi with paneerTurn up the heat.Paneer with chili sauce

Kachumber salad

This is a traditional Indian salad made with cucumber, tomato, and onions.

Lemon juice and simple Indian spices are used.The freshly cut vegetables are seasoned with lime instead of a vinaigrette.

This adds a refreshing snap to the salad, making it a perfect palette cleanser for curries and naan.

To make this even more refreshing, add freshly chopped mint leaves.

Recipe FeaturedSalad with kachumberConsider going Middle Eastern.TabboulehMake it Mediterranean-inspired.Salad with Greek dressing

Tandoori chicken

Who says naan bread is only good for curry?

It’s also a great basis for smokey tandoori chicken.

This dish takes its name from the tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven in which it is typically made.

However, since you are unlikely to have a tandoor, this recipe makes use of an air fryer.

Of course, the original will always be the finest, but this variation comes in a close second!

Recipe FeaturedTandoori chicken in the air fryerStart the grill.Thai satay chicken skewersMake it unique.Chilean chicken

Pork carnitas

For the ultimate Mexican-Indian fusion, serve your pork carnitas with naan bread.

This meal takes many hours to prepare, so having a crockpot or slow cooker comes in handy.

Once all of the ingredients are combined, just set the crockpot to work. After ten hours, the pork will be so juicy and delicate that it will break apart in your fingers.

Recipe FeaturedCarnitas in the crockpotGo for Cuban-style roasted pork (lechon asado).Turn up the heat.Verde chilies

Spinach lentil dal

The beautiful thing about Indian food is that it is vegetarian-friendly.

This spinach dal, for example, is fully meat-free yet nevertheless really tasty.

It’s made with spinach and lentils cooked in a blend of traditional spices including garam masala, cumin seeds, and fennel seeds.

All you need is a serving (or two) of garlic naan to round off the meal.

Recipe FeaturedDal with spinach and lentilsAvoid using the cooktop.Black dal in the Instant PotMake it in the Jamaican manner.Curry with coconut lentils

Sage lamb kofta

Lamb kofta is often eaten with rice, but why not try naan instead?

Spread the cool cucumber yogurt over your naan, then top with a few of koftas and some fresh vegetables (pickled red onions and chopped tomatoes are my favorites).

Wrap it up and you have one delicious lunch.

Recipe FeaturedRecipe for sage lamb kofta with cucumber yogurt sauceMake it soothing.Lamb shanks braisedPreheat the oven to 350°F.Lamb shoulder roasted


Poached eggs are served in a strong and robustly flavored tomato sauce in this typical Maghreb meal.

Its a simple dish thats packed full of flavor.

Shakshuka is often eaten for breakfast, although it is delicious at any time of day, and it must be served with some form of bread (such as naan!).

Why we like it: it has a rating of 4.96 out of 219 votes.

Recipe FeaturedShakshukaMake it Mexican-themed.Huevos ahogados (drowned eggs with salsa)Make it unique.Baked eggs with salsa verde

Chana masala

This chana masala with naan bread is another fantastic meatless supper (even my non-vegan friends like it).

The mix of chickpeas and a hearty tomato sauce is quite warming.

It takes me right back to my mother’s kitchen.

Recipe FeaturedMasala chanaTurn up the heat.Chickpeas with harissaMoroccan-style chickpea tagine

Jalapeño mango chutney

Serve your naan bread with a chutney dip if you want to keep things simple.

This jalapeo mango chutney goes well with my naan. It has that enticing sweet-but-spicy taste combo.

What’s more, the finest part? It takes 30 minutes to prepare and keeps in the fridge for up to 12 days.

Recipe FeaturedMango-jalapeo chutneyTurn up the heat.Tomato chutney with a sweet and spicy kickLeave out the fruity twist.Chutney with caramelized onions

Beef vindaloo

This beef vindaloo isnt for the faint hearted.

If you can stomach the heat, you’ll be able to savor fork-tender beef slices soaked in a scorching spicy ghost-pepper-infused sauce.

Serving it with naan and yogurt will help to take the edge off.

Recipe FeaturedVindaloo with beefGo ChineseFive-spice beef stewA popular takeout optionCrispy beef with chili

Vegetable korma

From ultra spicy to nice and mild!

Serve your naan bread with this veggie korma for a balanced and healthful supper that everyone will appreciate.

The cashew and coconut milk base gives it a nutty richness (but no spice).

It’s full of veggies including carrots, peas, potatoes, and beans. However, you may use whatever vegetable or protein you wish.

Recipe FeaturedKorma with vegetablesTurn on the oven.Vegetable roasted garlic stewMake it one-of-a-kind.Salad korma with naan chips

Tandoori gobi tikka

Looking for a veggie side dish to accompany your naan? Consider tandoori gobi.

This recipe is created with marinated cauliflower florets in yogurt and eight different spices (it’s a lot, but try to get them all).

After marinating the florets, you may cook them on the stove, in the oven, or even in the air fryer.

Recipe Featuredtikka tandoori gobiMake it more filling.Make the aloo goobi (Indian spiced potatoes) saucy.Gobi masala

Greek chickpea salad

Because naan bread is comparable to pita bread, it’s no surprise that it goes well with Greek meals.

Instead of lettuce, this salad is loaded with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and chickpeas.

The dish is finished with a creamy and tangy dressing.

It’ll quickly become your go-to salad for a light and fast lunch.

Recipe FeaturedTzatziki-dressed Greek chickpea saladCream it up.Salad with curried chickpeasMake it Moroccan-themed.Salad with carrots and chickpeas

Cilantro lime flank steak

Steak is another unusual choice to serve with naan bread.

I prefer to use flank steak since it is a less expensive cut, but it really shines when marinated in lime juice, fresh cilantro, and garlic.

And after grilled, slice it up and wrap it in freshly cooked naan for a unique wrap, or use the naan to mop up all the steak juices. YUM.

Recipe FeaturedSteak with cilantro and limeMake it Tex-Mex style.Fajitas de steakMake it vegetarian.Portobello mushrooms with honey balsamic glaze, grilled

Naan pizza

With some tomato sauce and cheese, you can transform your naan bread into the perfect comfort dish.

To put it another way, cook pizza! This is a fantastic concept that everyone will like.

I’d have a variety of toppings available so that everyone could customize their own pizza.

Why we like it: It’s perfect for quick evening meals.

Recipe FeaturedPizza with naan breadPrepare a sandwichSandwiches on naanMake it sweet with naan tacos

The best side dishes for naan bread

  • Butter chicken
  • Palak paneer
  • Kachumber salad
  • Tandoori chicken
  • Pork carnitas
  • Spinach lentil dal
  • Sage lamb kofta
  • Shakshuka
  • Chana masala
  • Jalapeo mango chutney
  • Beef vindaloo
  • Vegetable korma
  • Tandoori gobi tikka
  • Greek chickpea salad
  • Cilantro lime flank steak
  • Naan pizza

Psst… do you have any leftover naan bread? I tested to discover the best method for reheating it here (and it’s not what you expect!).

What To Serve With Naan Bread

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your naan bread.

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: naan bread side dishes, what to serve with naan bread
Prep Time: 5minutes
Cook Time: 10minutes
Total Time: 15minutes
Servings: 1person
Calories: 336kcal


  • Butter chicken
  • Palak paneer
  • Jalapeno mango chutney
  • Pork carnitas
  • Shakshuka and more


  • Make your naan bread according to your preferred recipe.
  • Meanwhile, select one of the following sides to go with it.
  • Butter chicken, palak paneer, kachumber salad, tandoori chicken, pork carnitas, spinach lentil dal, sage lamb kofta, shakshuka, chana masala, jalapeo mango chutney, beef vindaloo, vegetable korma, tandoori gobi tikka, greek chickpea salad, cilantro lime flank steak, and naan pizza.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 336kcal


What goes good with naan?

Naan is traditionally served with vegetable curries, lentils, and beans. However, it is now eaten as an appetizer, a side dish with dips, or as a pizza foundation.

How do you eat naan bread traditionally?

Instead of forks and knives, rip lengthy pieces of bread (typically naan in restaurants) using your right hand, pulling with your thumb and forefinger and keeping the remainder in place with your other fingers. Wrap this around your main dish’s food and sauce and consume the whole morsel in one scoop.

Are naan breads unhealthy?

While it contains more carbohydrates and sweets, it gets its image as a healthy choice due to its comparatively high protein and fiber content. Despite its high carbohydrate content, naan is a more nutrient-dense option to white bread and pita.

How do you keep naan warm for a party?

Keep warm in an oven covered in parchment paper or serve immediately.

What is a naan platter?

• Miniature naan bread topped with lemon pepper chicken from Boar’s Head, hummus, cucumber slices, shredded carrots, and feta cheese. This is an excellent appetizer for any occasion.

What is the 3 naan trend?

‘3 naan’ is a slogan that has spread like a virus across the Pakistani Twitterverse. It has touched hundreds who now croak the words 3 naan with no comprehension of the term — everyone’s hopping on the 3 naan bandwagon.

Why do you sprinkle water on naan bread?

Reheat in the oven if you need to reheat numerous naan breads at the same time. To prevent them from drying out, I suggest dusting (or spraying) them with water before placing them in the oven.

Where is naan eaten the most?

Naan is an Indian flatbread prepared from wheat dough and usually cooked on the side of a tandoor oven before being brushed with ghee (clarified butter). It is often served as a side dish with curries and other main courses. Naan is mostly consumed in the Punjab area and the country’s north.

Why do you put water on naan bread before cooking?

To keep the naan bread moist, you sprinkle it with water. Naan bread will naturally harden if not eaten immediately from the pan, so consume it as soon as possible.

Which is healthier naan or pita?

Given the components that may be used to make naan, pita is much healthier than naan. It has less sugars and less fat than naan, which is heavy in both fat and calories.

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