You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering what to serve with your roast chicken.

In this essay, I offer 48 of the most popular roast chicken side dishes.

In a rush? Heres the short answer.

Herb stuffing, dinner rolls, parmesan duchess potatoes, and roasted veggies are the greatest side dishes to offer with roasted chicken. Green beans almondine, cranberry rice pilaf, or broccoli cheese casserole are additional options. Most importantly, a rich gravy goes well with roasted chicken.

Ready? Lets jump right in.

Great flavor pairings for roast chicken

Roast chicken is a traditional meal that is moist and juicy with a gently crisp skin and a savory, herb taste.

It pairs well with:

  • Citrus and tangy tastes: citrus and tangy flavors such as lemon, lime, or orange may provide a pleasant contrast to the richness of the roast chicken. Balsamic, red wine, and apple cider vinegars may also give a tangy balance. Alternatively, cranberry sauce is a tart option.
  • Roast chicken works nicely with earthy tastes such as mushrooms, truffles, and caramelized onions. Anchovies, capers, or olives may also be used to lend a salty and savory flavor.
  • Herbs and spices: Roast chicken pairs nicely with basic herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage, and parsley. Spices like paprika, cumin, and coriander may add depth and warmth to the meal.


With roast chicken, starchy sides are a requirement. They will make a comfortable supper even more so.

Soft, fluffy dinner rolls and mashed potatoes are a must, but for a more unusual lunch, consider a herby couscous dish or Moroccan-spiced quinoa.

Rosemary dinner rolls

Add some rosemary to your normal dinner rolls to kick them up a notch.

Rosemary has a citrus, woody taste that pairs well with chicken.

What’s more, the finest part? You can make leftover filling sandwiches with these buns the following day!

Psst these rolls are best enjoyed warm.

Why we like this recipe is that you can prepare a large quantity and freeze it.

Recipe FeaturedDinner rolls with rosemaryAlter the tastePull-apart rolls with garlic and parmesanMake it more formal.Sourdough rolls with a crust

Parmesan duchess potatoes

Instead of mashed potatoes, try these sophisticated duchess potatoes.

They’re golden and crunchy on the exterior and creamy on the inside.

The key to mastering this recipe is creating an exceptionally smooth potato combination so you can pipe it easily. A sieve (or a potato ricer) is helpful for this.

Why we like this recipe: it transforms ordinary mashed potatoes into something restaurant-worthy.

Recipe FeaturedDuchess potatoes with ParmesanMake it enjoyable.Potato fondantInclude a lovely noteSweet potatoes mashed with brown butter

Pomegranate quinoa

Add some pomegranate to your side dish to give it a more Middle-Eastern flavor.

Pomegranate is an underappreciated ingredient that also happens to pair well with chicken.

This salad balances out the sweet burst with some salty feta.

Why we love this recipe: Quinoa is not only filling, but it is also high in nutrients.

Recipe FeaturedSalad with pomegranate and quinoaMoroccan CouscousGo MoroccanBecome a vegetarian.Pomegranate-flavored eggplant

Holiday favorites

Roast chicken makes a terrific Christmas centerpiece.

I often serve it with a crisp, herb-infused stuffing and a cheesy casserole. However, cranberry-studded rice pilaf and indulgent mac and cheese are other options.

Do you want something simpler? Choose a sophisticated green bean almondine.

Cranberry pecan wild rice pilaf

This rice pilaf is an essential accompaniment to an autumnal roasted chicken supper.

The rice is cooked in a broth and apple juice combination before being seasoned with herbs.

And it doesn’t end there; adding dried cranberries adds acidity, while pecans give texture.

Why we like it: it adds a festive touch to any meal.

Recipe FeaturedPilaf with cranberries, pecans, and wild riceInclude vegetables.Rice pilaf with vegetablesReduce the carbs.Cauliflower rice from Greece

Buttery herb stuffing

This herby stuffing will make your Sunday roast complete.

The surface is crispy, while the interior is soft and fluffy, making it ideal for soaking up any residual liquids or gravy.

Don’t be turned off by the celery; I guarantee you won’t taste it.

Why we like this recipe: the leftovers may be used for a morning hash or in a sandwich the following day.

Recipe FeaturedStuffing with buttery herbsMake it in the manner of the South.Stuffing made with cornbreadAdapt it to be keto-friendly.Stuffing made with cauliflower

Collard greens and kale 

Pair your roasted chicken with this kale and collard greens side dish to give it the whole Southern treatment.

The sautéed green vegetables are seasoned with salt, pepper, and a spritz of lemon juice, resulting in a pleasantly zesty and healthful side dish.

Add a couple dashes of spicy sauce for a blazing kick.

Why we like this recipe: it is simple yet effective.

Recipe FeaturedKale with collard greensCreate another classic.Collard greens in the manner of the SouthLeave out the collards.Kale braised

Rosemary gruyere popovers

Popovers (or Yorkshire puddings) are an essential accompaniment to any roast, particularly a roast chicken.

Because of their light, airy nature, they do not add weight to the dish. They’re also ideal for sopping up gravy.

The addition of rosemary and gruyere lifts these popovers to dinner-party quality.

Why we love this recipe: theyre really addicting.

Recipe FeaturedPopovers with rosemary gruyereMake it simple.Yorkshire puddings at their finestAlter the tasteYorkies with herby mustard sauce

Broccoli cheese casserole

This traditional combination of broccoli and cheddar cheese is sure to impress.

Crisp crisp broccoli florets are topped with a three-cheese and sour cream combination and baked for 20 minutes.

My mouth waters just thinking about the creamy florets over a succulent, herb-roasted chicken.

Why we love this recipe: its comfort food heaven.

Recipe FeaturedMake a dairy-free broccoli cheese casseroleBroccoli casserole that is good for youMake it nutritious.Lemon garlic broccoli roasted


Do you want your roast chicken to be lean and low-carb? Instead of carb-laden sides, serve it with a warm vegetable dish.

For a quick supper, roast onions and carrots alongside your chicken, or heat up the burner and steam your favorite vegetables.

Do you want a Southern twist? Make some smooth, zesty collard greens!

Roasted vegetables

This is one of the simplest and most classic roast chicken sides.

With carrots, sweet potatoes, and onions, this dish takes the root vegetable way.

But you can use anything you have on hand.

Keep the seasoning basic to allow the natural flavors of the vegetables to show through.

Why we like this recipe: you may roast your vegetables on the same tray as your chicken, absorbing some of the drippings.

Recipe FeaturedVegetables cooked in the ovenRemove the oven from the equation.Vegetables in the air fryerPrepare a saladSalad with roasted vegetables

Buttery peas and mushroom

Want something nice and easy?

Try these peas and mushrooms.

The earthiness of the mushrooms contrasts with the sweetness of the peas, and the entire meal just takes 10 minutes to prepare.

Why we like this recipe: it’s perfect for those hectic evening meals.

Recipe FeaturedMushrooms and buttery peasAlter the tastePeas with a minty flavorRemove the cooktop.Sugar snap peas roasted

Green beans almondine

Crisp-tender green beans are topped with crispy almonds in this traditional French meal.

It’s a simple, flavorful side dish that will compliment your chicken without overpowering it.

Pro tip: liberally salt your water while blanching green beans for taste and to keep their beautiful green color.

Why we like it: it has 4.5 stars out of 456 ratings.

Recipe FeaturedGreen beans flavored with almondineMake it opulent.Parmesan-sauced green beansTurn on the oven.Roasted green beans with garlic and parmesan

Roasted spaghetti squash

Love pasta but trying to reduce your carb intake?

Don’t be concerned; this spaghetti squash has your back. Roasted and chopped squash creates strands that are nearly al dente in texture.

The pseudo noodles are then smothered in a simple brown butter sauce in this dish. YUM!

Why we like it: you can serve it within the hollowed-out squash, which makes for a unique presentation.

Recipe FeaturedSpaghetti squash roastedMake it gooey.Spaghetti squash with four cheesesAnother low-carb optionZoodles marinara

Smashed brussels sprouts with tahini

Have you ever had crushed brussels sprouts?

Because the sauce (lemon tahini sauce here) has so many small nooks to fall into, boiling and flattening these sprouts before roasting makes them particularly tasty.

Why we like this recipe: it’s a delicious way to dress up brussels sprouts.

Recipe FeaturedBrussels sprouts mashed with lemon tahini sauceAlter the tasteBrussels sprouts with Parmesan crushedReturn to the fundamentalsBrussels sprouts with garlic roasting


Caesar salad and roast chicken are like peanut butter and jelly, but don’t stop there!

Instead of leafy greens, try a breezy panzanella or a creamy pasta salad with your chicken.

Pesto pasta salad

This pasta salad has Italian-inspired ingredients such as artichoke hearts, arugula, pepperoncini peppers, and olives, all mixed in fresh basil pesto.

The bright, citrus tastes go well with grilled chicken.

For the greatest results, prepare your own basil pesto.

Why we like this recipe: it’s a terrific alternative for meal prep.

Recipe FeaturedSalad with pesto pastaAlter the tasteSalad with orzo from the MediterraneanLeave out the spaghetti.Couscous with spinach from Israel

Kale caesar salad

For a more grown-up vibe, this variation of the traditional Caesar salad includes a sour Greek yogurt-based dressing and somewhat bitter kale leaves.

Serve with roasted chicken, or top with a few of chicken pieces for a light, protein-filled entrée.

Why we like it: it’s a guilt-free side dish.

Recipe FeaturedSalad Caesar with kaleMake it vintage.Caesar salad with a wedgeKeep things simple.Salad with lemon parmesan greens

Spring salad

At its most basic, a spring salad is a combination of all the greatest vegetables that spring has to offer; this one includes asparagus, radish, and pea shoots.

Plus some orzo to bulk things out a little.

Psst, for that burnt taste, grill the radish and asparagus.

Why we like this recipe: it includes a delicious scallion dressing.

Recipe FeaturedSalad de printempsAlter the seasonThe ideal winter saladConcentrate on asparagusSalad with shaved asparagus

The best side dishes for roast chicken

  • Rosemary dinner rolls
  • Parmesan duchess potatoes
  • Pomegranate quinoa
  • Cranberry pecan wild rice pilaf
  • Buttery herb stuffing
  • Rosemary gruyere popovers
  • Broccoli cheese casserole
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Buttery peas and mushroom
  • Green beans almondine
  • Roasted spaghetti squash
  • Smashed brussels sprouts with tahini
  • Pesto pasta salad
  • Kale Caesar salad
  • Spring salad

What herbs go well with roast chicken?

Thyme, rosemary, sage, and oregano are traditional herbs used with roast chicken. If you want to try something new, try basil, tarragon, or marjoram with your roast chicken.

What To Serve With Roast Chicken [48 Ideas]

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your roast chicken.

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American, British
Keyword: roast chicken side dishes, what to serve with roast chicken
Prep Time: 5minutes
Cook Time: 10minutes
Total Time: 15minutes
Servings: 1person
Calories: 164kcal


  • 1portionrosemary dinner rolls
  • 1portionbroccoli cheese casserole
  • 1portionsmashed brussels sprouts with tahini
  • 1portionkale caesar salad
  • 1portionrosemary gruyere popovers
  • 1portiongreen beans almondine and more


  • Prepare your roast chicken according to the directions on the package.
  • Meanwhile, select one of the following sides to go with it.
  • Side dishes include: rosemary dinner rolls, parmesan duchess potatoes, pomegranate quinoa, cranberry pecan wild rice pilaf, buttery herb stuffing, rosemary gruyere popovers, broccoli cheese casserole, roasted vegetables, buttery peas and mushroom, green beans almondine, roasted spaghetti squash, smashed brussels sprouts with tahini, pesto pasta salad, kale caesar salad, and spring salad.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 164kcal
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