45 Delectable Side Dishes to Serve with Fried Chicken

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering what to serve with your fried chicken.

In this essay, I present 45 of the most popular fried chicken side dishes.

In a rush? Heres the short answer.

Biscuits and gravy, creamed collard greens, ranch mashed potatoes, baked mac and cheese, buttermilk coleslaw, and red beans and rice are the greatest side dishes to offer with fried chicken. Try zucchini cheddar waffles for a delightful brunch. For an uncommon yet excellent alternative, offer fast kimchi.

Ready? Lets jump right in.

Zucchini cheddar waffles

Traditional Belgian waffles are a popular brunch companion for fried chicken, but why not try these savory waffles?

They’re golden and crunchy, with green zucchini and gooey cheddar cheese flecks.

You don’t like cheddar? Substitute Monterey jack, pepper jack, or mozzarella.

Why we like this recipe: it’s an excellent way to sneak some vegetables into your dinner.

Recipe FeaturedWaffles with zucchini and cheddarChange the tasteLow-carb spinach and feta wafflesChaffles with just two ingredients (cheese waffles)

Biscuits and gravy

Serve your fried chicken with homemade biscuits and gravy to go full Southern.

The flaky, buttery biscuits will soak up all of the sauce’s creamy richness.

The gravy is often made with sausages, but this dish opts for a lighter version that pairs well with savory fried chicken.

Why we like it: it’s the perfect comfort meal.

Recipe FeaturedBiscuits and gravy without sausageCreate it for a group.casserole with biscuits and gravyMake it without dairy.Drop biscuits with vegan gravy

Creamed collard greens

Collard greens cooked in bacon and vinegar make an excellent side dish for fried chicken, but have you tried them with cream?

The end product is a spicier take on the basic creamed spinach.

Don’t forget to add the nutmeg. It really enhances the whole meal.

Why we like this recipe: it’s a quirky and tasty take on a classic meal.

Recipe FeaturedCollard greens creamedReturn to the fundamentalsCollard greens in the manner of the SouthLeave out the collard greens.Creamed spinach from a steakhouse

Air fryer okra

Once you try this recipe, slimy okra will be a thing of the past.

The okra is coated with arrowroot powder to crisp up beautifully, although tapioca starch or cornstarch may also be used.

The end result is a golden, crunchy crust yum!

Why we like this recipe: it turns an underappreciated vegetable into a delightful treat.

Recipe FeaturedOkra in the air fryerReturn to the fundamentalsFried okra from the SouthMake it sour.Fritters with okra and green tomatoes

Ranch mashed potatoes

Instead of simply milk and butter, this recipe asks for a handcrafted fresh ranch seasoning prepared from buttermilk, fresh herbs, and cream cheese.

The end result? A rich, silky mash with a vibrant, zesty undertone.

For a filling lunch, place your fried chicken pieces on top of these mashed potatoes and drizzle with gravy.

Why we like this recipe: it’s a crowd-pleaser.

Recipe FeaturedMashed potatoes with ranch dressingMake it without dairy.Mashed potatoes with olive oilPrepare a saladHerb-infused creamed red potato salad

Quick kimchi

In the mood for something different?

Try fried chicken with fast kimchi. It is not fermented, thus it has a softer taste (but it still has a little of spice).

This recipe asks for Korean plum essence, but apricot or apple jam may be substituted.

Why we like this recipe: it’s a terrific way to introduce newcomers to kimchi.

Recipe FeaturedKimchi in a hurryMake it satisfying.Fried rice with kimchiMake it unique.Pancake with kimchi

Buttermilk coleslaw

There are hundreds of coleslaw recipes out there, but this buttermilk coleslaw is my favorite.

The buttermilk adds acidity to the slaw, and there’s a dash of horseradish in there to cut through any oiliness from the chicken.

Why we like this recipe: it’s much superior than what you’ll get at your local deli.

Recipe FeaturedColeslaw with buttermilk dressingLeave out the mayonnaise.Coleslaw with Greek yogurtAdd another vegetableColeslaw with jicama

Poutine (fries and gravy)

Poutine has to be one of Canadas greatest feats.

It’s like fries and gravy on steroids. The addition of half-melted cheese curds ups the ante even further.

If you can’t get cheese curds, shredded mozzarella will suffice.

Why we like this recipe: the gravy goes well with fried chicken.

Recipe FeaturedPoutine authentically CanadianLeave out the carbohydrates.Skip the onion gravy.slices of baked potatoes

Corn succotash

This succotash will be a quick and healthful side dish for your fried chicken feast.

It’s brimming with diverse vegetables including maize, lima beans, and cherry tomatoes.

And you can simply add extra vegetables if you like; it’s perfect for clearing up your fridge’s vegetable drawer.

We adore this dish since it can be eaten hot, warm, cold, or even raw.

Recipe FeaturedSuccotash made from cornMake it unique.Sauté fresh corn and zucchiniStart the grill.Grilled corn with garlic butter

Kale and mango chopped salad

This salad contains much more than simply lush greens.

Feeling iffy about the mangoes?

Don’t worry about it. The naturally bitter qualities of the kale, along with the sharpness of the lime vinaigrette, will balance out the sweetness.

For a refreshing snack, serve this salad with your fried chicken.

Why we like this recipe: it’s a novel way to eat greens.

Recipe FeaturedSalad with diced mango, kale, and quinoaKeep things simple.Salad with shaved brussels sproutsIncrease the amount of vegetables.Salad with Mediterranean chopped vegetables

Baked mac and cheese

Fried chicken and baked mac & cheese are a perfect combo.

And there are several ways to spice up your mac and cheese.

Buffalo sauce, jalapenos, cauliflower, bacon, or even lobster might be added.

Just so you know, you may need a sleep after this lunch.

Why we like this recipe: the leftovers are great for lunch the following day!

Recipe FeaturedMacaroni and cheese baked in the ovenMake it simple.Mac and cheese in a single potLeave out the spaghetti.Cheese made from cauliflower

Macaroni salad

If you don’t like mac & cheese, how about a macaroni salad?

It’s ideal for a summer party or picnic and will give a refreshing contrast to your fried chicken.

Use fresh herbs if possible; they make a huge difference in the salad.

Why we like this recipe: you can prepare it ahead of time and it will only improve.

Recipe FeaturedSalad with macaroniAlter the tasteSalad with bacon ranch noodlesLeave out the spaghetti.Potato salad from the South

Red beans and rice

Another hearty Southern classic that goes well with fried chicken is red beans and rice.

Don’t be put off by the lengthy ingredient list. Most of the ingredients, herbs, and spices are likely to be found in your pantry.

And even if you don’t, the meal won’t suffer if you omit a couple (I won’t tell!).

Why we like this recipe: it’s a low-cost choice.

Recipe FeaturedRed beans and rice with Cajun seasoningGo BBQThe most popular baked beansLeave out the beans.Rice au Cajun

Onion rings

Have any buttermilk left over after cooking your chicken?

Make a side of onion rings with it! They make an excellent side dish for fried chicken.

Psst, soak your rings in cold water for at least 15 minutes before dredging for a softer onion taste.

Why we like it: you’ll receive a restaurant-quality entrée at home.

Recipe FeaturedRings of onionMake it one-of-a-kind.Onion rings with baconMake it sour.Pickles with fried dill

Green beans in creamy parmesan sauce

This recipe turns ordinary green beans into a delicious side dish.

The green beans are cooked in chicken broth until crisp-tender and covered with bacon drippings (YUM).

And theres more

The beans are then combined with a creamy parmesan sauce that is perfect for dipping fried chicken in.

Why we like this recipe: it’s similar to spaghetti alfredo but without the carb-laden noodles.

Recipe FeaturedGreen beans with a parmesan cream sauceMake it nutritious.Green beans with lemon and garlicStart the grill.Green beans grilled

What sauce goes well with fried chicken?

Gravy is the go-to sauce for fried chicken. If you want to spice things up, try Nashville hot sauce or buffalo dip. Try buttermilk ranch dressing or garlic aioli for a creamy sauce.

Best sauces to serve with fried chicken

  • Nashville hot sauce
  • Homemade brown gravy
  • Mustard cream sauce
  • Buttermilk ranch dressing
  • Sweet soy garlic sauce
  • Honey sriracha dipping sauce

What To Serve With Fried Chicken – Buttermilk slaw

In this short recipe, I take you through how to make buttermilk slaw to serve with your fried chicken.

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: buttermilk coleslaw, fried chicken side dishes, what to serve with fried chicken
Prep Time: 20minutes
Total Time: 20minutes
Servings: 1person
Calories: 142kcal


  • 1smallcabbage headcan use a mix of red and purple
  • 3carrotspeeled and shredded


  • 1/2cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2cupbuttermilkhomemade is fine
  • 2tbspapple cider vinegar
  • 2tbspsugar
  • 1-2tbspDijon mustard
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Carrots and cabbage should be shredded. You may do this by hand with a knife and grater, in a food processor, or by purchasing pre-shredded vegetables.
  • In a dish or jar, mix together all of the dressing ingredients until well incorporated. Adjust the ingredients as you go, tasting as you go.
  • Toss the carrots and cabbage with the dressing in a large mixing dish. Just enough dressing to coat the veggies without drowning them. Keep some extra dressing on hand to freshen the salad before serving.
  • If you have time, refrigerate the slaw for 30 minutes before serving.


Serving: 100g | Calories: 142kcal


What is the best side dish with fried chicken?

What Should You Eat With Fried Chicken?
Beans in green. Green beans make an excellent fried chicken side dish that complements any dinner.
Sweet potatoes are a kind of potato.
Salad with macaroni.
Salad with potatoes.
Okra fried in butter.
Fries in French.

What do Americans eat fried chicken with?

Traditionally, the meal is served with mashed potatoes, gravy, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, corn, or biscuits.

What are traditional side dishes?

Asparagus is a typical vegetable used as a side dish.
Beans that have been baked.
Potatoes baked.
Dinner rolls or different types of bread.

How do I choose a good side dish?

Create a Menu: 5 Ways to Match Side Dishes with Main Dishes
Consider alternatives. The most apparent technique to choose a side dish is to look at your main course (pasta, chicken, or seared tofu) and select something different.
Consider something comparable.
Consider the seasons.
Consider a full dinner.
Make a basic green salad when in doubt.

What to have with breaded chicken?

Onion rings, tater tots, sweet potato fries, chicken wings, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, shrimp chips, baked beans, coleslaw, mac & cheese, vegetable stir fry, French fries, green salad, and potato salad are the greatest side dishes to offer with breaded chicken.

What sides can you get with a KFC meal?

Prices for KFC Sides Menu

KFC Sides include mashed potatoes with gravy, cole slaw, green beans, corn, corn on the cob, potato wedges, macaroni and cheese, and, of course, biscuits.

What is typically served with fried chicken Maryland?

Maryland Fried Chicken is a popular regional dish. This fried and steamed chicken is paired with white gravy and mashed potatoes.

Why did slaves eat fried chicken?

Schmidt said that chickens had long been a component of Southern meals, but they were especially useful for slaves. They were inexpensive, simple to feed, and a wonderful supply of meat.

What does Chick Fil A fry their chicken with?

Since our founder, Truett Cathy, invented the Chick-fil-A® Chicken Sandwich, we’ve used completely refined, heat-processed peanut oil to cook our hand-breaded chicken.

What is the most popular side dish?

Which side dishes are the most popular?
Asparagus roasted.
Brussels sprouts roasted.
Fries with steak.
Cauliflower mashed.

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