15 Delicious Sides to Serve with Pasta Primavera

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering what to serve with your spaghetti primavera.

In this post, I’ll discuss 15 of the most popular pasta primavera side dishes.

In a rush? Heres the short answer.

Garlic bread, roasted chicken, panzanella, char siu, and grilled portobellos are excellent accompaniments to pasta primavera. Baked tofu nuggets and kale salad are two healthful alternatives. For fun and flavorful choices, try fig jam prosciutto pizza, baked tofu nuggets, and cauliflower wings.

Ready? Lets jump right in.

Garlic parmesan bread

Garlic bread is an obvious accompaniment to spaghetti primavera.

Even dieters will find it impossible to refuse crispy, crunchy bread with a cheesy, garlicky covering.

Caramelizing the garlic in butter elevates this garlic bread to new heights.

After tasting this pull-apart garlic parmesan bread, you’ll never cook garlic bread the same way again.

Cheesy baked chicken

Serve your spaghetti primavera with this cheesy baked chicken recipe for a satisfying supper that everyone will enjoy.

Who can resist chicken slathered in melting mozzarella and caramelized mushrooms?

It’s a simple recipe to prepare, making it ideal for hectic weeknights.

Every week, your kids will want you to cook these cheesy baked chicken breasts with mushrooms.

Peach panzanella salad

Looking for a unique salad to accompany your spaghetti primavera?

This peach panzanella is worth a try.

This salad will only take you 15 minutes to prepare.

It also boasts a delightful contrast of tastes and textures, making your meal that much more pleasant.

Give this grilled peach panzanella a try today!

Char siu

Add char siu to your spaghetti primavera for extra flavor.

It’s recognized for its moist and succulent meat and sticky sweet barbecue sauce, and it’s also known as Chinese barbecue pork.

It also has enticing caramelized crunchy edges.

This oven-baked char siu takes some time to make, but it is well worth the wait!

Baked tofu nuggets 

These tofu nuggets will add protein to your vegan spaghetti primavera.

These are particularly crispy on the exterior and delicate on the inside, similar to chicken fingers.

To get a meat-like texture, press your tofu well.

These nuggets are also healthier since they are baked rather than deep-fried.

Even non-vegans will like these crunchy fried tofu nuggets.

Marinated flank steak

Serving pasta primavera at your summer party?

As your meaty addition, fire up the grill and prepare a pair of these seasoned flank steaks.

Flank steak is a low-cost cut of beef that may be readily flavored with a nice marinade.

For their flank steak marinade, Carlsbad Cravings uses balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and dijon sauce.

Of course, you may add a citrus ingredient or a Cajun spice to give it your own distinctive spin.

Fig jam prosciutto pizza 

Add a piece (or two) of this prosciutto-loaded pizza to your spaghetti primavera.

The saltiness of the prosciutto and parmesan cheese is balanced by the spicy arugula and the rich tastes of the jam.

It’s a mouthwatering flavor combination that you have to try for yourself.

Serve this fig jam prosciutto pizza to quickly transform your supper menu.

Honey garlic salmon

Pressed for time?

This salmon meal comes together quickly and is really tasty.

Consider juicy flakes of salmon bathed in a sweet and delicious honey garlic sauce.

It’s a fast and simple recipe that will round out your pasta primavera supper.

This honey garlic salmon requires just five ingredients and 15 minutes to prepare.

Cauliflower buffalo wings

Start your Meatless Monday with pasta primavera and these cauliflower buffalo wings.

In terms of flavor, texture, and look, these fake buffalo wings are uncannily similar to the genuine thing.

Each crisp and delicate cauliflower mouthful has an addictively spicy and sour taste.

These cauliflower buffalo wings are perfect for more than just Meatless Mondays.

Lemon pepper shrimp

Serve these lemon pepper shrimp with your pasta primavera.

The shrimp’s lemony and salty aromas complement the pasta and veggies well.

This meal does not need any pricey ingredients.

If fresh shrimp are unavailable, you may use frozen shrimp; just be sure to properly clean them.

Get the full lemon pepper shrimp recipe here.

Bacon-wrapped scallops

Wrapped scallops provide a delightful surf-and-turf flavor to your pasta primavera.

The smoky saltiness of the bacon complements the gentle sweetness of the scallops.

Brush your wrapped scallops with a herb glaze before roasting to make them even more delectable.

These bacon-wrapped scallops will be a huge success whether served as an appetizer or as part of the main course.

Roast turkey breast

Making pasta primavera during the holidays?

You can’t go wrong with it paired with a roast turkey breast.

It’s a terrific alternative to roasting a full turkey, particularly if you’re just cooking for a small group of people.

Nonetheless, you get a juicy piece of beef with a delicious punch from the garlic herb butter smeared on top.

This easy roast turkey breast will wow your visitors.

Swedish meatballs

With these Swedish meatballs, you can transform your pasta primavera into the ultimate comfort food.

Something about meatballs drenched in a creamy, buttery sauce makes you feel warm and snug.

And the best part?

You don’t have to leave your house to enjoy delicious Swedish meatballs; they’re really simple to prepare at home.

Check out Salt and Lavender’s recipe for the greatest Swedish meatballs (IKEA doesn’t come close!).

Grilled portobello mushrooms 

With these grilled portobello mushrooms on the side, you can make your vegan spaghetti primavera a heartier dinner.

Portobello mushrooms are a great meat substitute.

They have a lot of umami taste, but you can amp it up with a herb-infused marinade.

These grilled portobello mushrooms are the ideal way to add flavor to any vegan recipe.

Kale salad 

With all of the veggies in pasta primavera, it’s a (relatively) healthful meal.

If you want to make your supper more nutritious, create this simple kale salad to go with it.

It’s high in vitamins and minerals, making it a great nutritional addition.

For lunch today, try this lemon parmesan kale salad!

The best side dishes for pasta primavera

  • Garlic parmesan bread
  • Cheesy baked chicken
  • Peach panzanella salad
  • Char siu
  • Baked tofu nuggets
  • Marinated flank steak
  • Fig jam prosciutto pizza
  • Honey garlic salmon
  • Cauliflower buffalo wings
  • Lemon pepper shrimp
  • Bacon-wrapped scallops
  • Roast turkey breast
  • Swedish meatballs
  • Grilled portobello mushrooms
  • Kale salad

What To Serve With Pasta Primavera

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your pasta primavera.

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: pasta primavera side dishes, what to serve with pasta primavera
Prep Time: 5minutes
Cook Time: 20minutes
Total Time: 25minutes
Servings: 1person
Calories: 96kcal


  • 1portionpasta primavera


  • Prepare your pasta primavera according to the directions on the package.
  • Meanwhile, select one of the following sides to go with it.
  • Garlic parmesan bread, cheesy baked chicken, peach panzanella salad, char siu, baked tofu nuggets, marinated flank steak, fig jam prosciutto pizza, honey garlic salmon, cauliflower buffalo wings, lemon pepper shrimp, bacon-wrapped scallops, roast turkey breast, Swedish meatballs, grilled portobello mushrooms, and kale salad are some of the side dishes.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 96kcal


What side dishes go well with pasta?

Vanni, Kristina.
02 of 19. Zucchini Sauté.
03 of 19. Salad with Brussels Sprouts and Dill.
04 of 19. Garlic Bread in Pull-Apart Form.
05 of 19. Salad Caesar grilled on the grill.
06 of 19. Whole roasted artichokes.
07 of 19. No-Knead Crusty Bread.
08 of 19. Eggplant baked in the oven.19 Delicious Pasta Side Dishes
01 of 19. Bread with Cheesy Garlic. Spruce Tree

What pairs well with pasta salad?

15 Simple Side Dishes to Serve with Pasta Salad
Chicken fried. Crispy fried chicken is delicious with creamy pasta salad.
Dogs on a stick. Grilled hot dogs are a summertime favorite for people of all ages.
Pork Pulled.
Roll ups.
Eggs deviled.
Calico beans or baked beans.

What can I serve with pasta instead of garlic bread?

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest pasta side dishes, each of which may add a variety of flavor choices to your pasta feast.
Bruschetta with balsamic vinegar.
Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto.
Toasted baguette with mint and pea pesto.
Bruschetta Bar in Italy.
Cauliflower Breadsticks with Cheesy Sauce.
Tomatoes Stuffed.
Salad with cucumbers.
Carrots roasted whole.

What is a good side to serve with?

Every wonderful dinner must be accompanied with delectable sides! This is a list of delicious side dishes to prepare for your next family supper.
Green beans, fresh from the garden.
Zucchini and squash sautéed.
Salad with fruits.
roasted vegetables.
Salad from the garden.
Potatoes mashed.
Rice that is white.
Corn on the cob from Mexico.

Why do Italians eat salad after pasta?

One of the major reasons salads are offered after a heavy meal rather than before it is to cleanse the palate, or the roof of the mouth. You’re undoubtedly aware that the flavor of your food might linger in your tongue for some time after you finish.

What are the five mistakes to avoid pasta salad?

5 Pasta Salad Making Mistakes to Avoid
Using the incorrect size and form of pasta.
The pasta may be overcooked or undercooked.
Not seasoning the pasta enough.
While the pasta salad is still warm, avoid seasoning it.
Making your pasta salad too far ahead of time.

Do you serve salad or pasta first?

Carbohydrates first, so you get more of those macronutrients and don’t load up on fiber.”It makes no difference to the typical individual. If you’re attempting to lose weight, start with a salad. It’s generally a better idea to consume your protein if you’re attempting to GAIN weight.

What do Italians eat with pasta?

Pasta is often served as the primo (first course), followed by a secondo (meat, fish, or vegetable meal). Serve a smaller piece of pasta as a primo for an Italian-inspired dinner party, or as a prologue to a meat, fish, or veggie main course.

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