15 Delicious Side Dishes to Serve with Chimichangas

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering what to serve with your chimichangas.

In this essay, I’ll present 15 of the most popular chimichanga side dishes.

In a rush? Heres the short answer.

Esquites, Mexican rice, mango salsa, and ensalada de nopales work well with chimichangas. For healthy choices, try cilantro slaw, calabacitas, and cilantro lime cauliflower rice. Cowboy beans, Tex-Mex spaghetti salad, nachos, and green chile cheese cornbread are all options.

Ready? Lets jump right in.


It goes without saying that chimichangas should be served with elotes.

If you don’t like having to use your grill to cook them, create esquites instead.

Its precisely like elotes, except its served in cups.

You get all of the great tastes of elote with the added simplicity of just scooping the kernels from your cup.


These flavor-packed esquites take just 15 minutes to make.

Mexican rice

A generous bowl of Mexican rice on the side will round off your chimichangas dinner.

This rice dish is more than just steamed rice.

Nonetheless, this recipe uses basic components that are almost certainly already in your cupboard.

This restaurant-quality Mexican rice can be made in the comfort of your own home.

Mango salsa

With a dollop of this mango salsa, you can add a fresh flash of brilliant hues to your chimichangas.

Aside from the colors, this recipe gives your fried chimichangas a new and lively taste.

The sweetness of the mangoes and grape tomatoes is tempered by the zesty lime juice and fresh cilantro, creating the ideal taste combination.

A hearty spoonful of this fresh mango salsa will brighten any meal.

Ensalada de nopales

Because chimichangas are fried, I prefer to serve them with this cactus salad.

Nopales have a tangy, lemony flavor that cuts through the richness of the chimichangas.

The addition of lime juice and cilantro makes this salad even more pleasant.

See The Boss Kitchen’s complete recipe for ensalada de nopales.

It will also demonstrate how to avoid slimy nopales.

Sheet pan nachos

Hosting a game day party?

You can never go wrong with chimichangas and nachos.

Making nachos for a large group is considerably simpler with the aid of a sheet pan.

Sure, nacho towers seem elegant, but with these loaded sheet pan nachos, every chip is certain to be smothered with delectable toppings.

Refried beans

Making refried beans in an instant pot is a snap.

It removes the need to soak your beans ahead of time. The quick pot does everything.

Simply prepare the ingredients, and after the beans are cooked, mash them to the proper consistency.

Serve your chimichangas atop a bed of quick instant pot refried beans for a filling Tex-Mex supper.

Spicy cilantro slaw

Do you find traditional coleslaw predictable?

To spice things up, replace your standard dressing with something spicy and sour.

This dish calls for a combination of Greek yogurt and mayonnaise seasoned with cilantro, spices, and chili peppers.

This vinaigrette with the crunchy veggies give your chimichangas a nice new bite.

This spicy cilantro lime slaw will make you forget about the traditional version.

Cowboy beans

Serve your chimichangas with a liberal heaping of these cowboy beans to amp up the flavor.

These arent your ordinary baked beans.

This dish combines beans, ground beef, bacon, and peppers with a variety of tasty spices and seasonings.

After a feast of chimichangas and these cowboy beans, you may need to snooze.

Creamy Mexican corn chowder

Feeling blue?

A steaming cup of homemade corn chowder might help boost your spirits.

Everything we love about elotes is in this recipe, only it’s in the shape of a warm, cozy soup.

Consider your sweet corn kernels to be in a rich, creamy soup with a spicy spice.

Heaven in a bowl.

For the ultimate Tex-Mex comfort food, serve your crunchy chimichangas with a bowl of creamy Mexican corn chowder.

Calabacitas con queso

Make these calabacitas with queso to go with your chimichangas.

This meal is reminiscent of traditional succotash, with a combination of zucchini, corn, tomatoes, and peppers, as well as a dusting of Monterey jack cheese.

The result?

Everyone will like this veggie dish topped with oozy, melted cheese.

Heres the full recipe: Calabacitas Con Queso.

Sweet potato fries

My perfect supper would consist of sweet potato fries and chimichangas.

Seconds of these crispy baked sweet potato fries are guilt-free.

To make your sweet potato fries extra crispy, toss them with corn flour before baking.

Green chile cheese cornbread

Getting bored of your usual cornbread?

Add green chilies and cheddar cheese to make it more flavorful.

If youre not a fan of spicy food, dont worry.

The sweetness of your cornbread balances out the heat perfectly, creating a delicious sweet-savory taste with a moderate kick.

For a substantial lunch, pair your chimichangas with a piece of green chile and cheese cornbread.

Pssst Smother this restaurant-style salsa on cornbread and chimichangas.

Candied jalapenos

Candied jalapenos provide a vibrant, zesty flavor to your chimichangas.

These morsels, sometimes known as cowboy candy, have a mouthwatering sweet and spicy taste.

Making them is a straightforward canning process.

Don’t worry if you’ve never canned before!It’s really rather simple.

The Fountain Avenue Kitchens recipe will walk you through the steps of producing these delectable delights.

Cilantro lime cauliflower rice

Want something light to go with your chimichangas?

Serve with this cilantro lime cauliflower rice.

Cauliflower absorbs flavor quite well, giving this meal a delicious lime and cilantro taste combination.

What’s the greatest part? It has far less calories than rice.

With this low-carb cilantro lime cauliflower rice, you can make your Mexican feast healthier.

Tex-Mex pasta salad

This creamy pasta salad is packed with typical Tex-Mex ingredients and tastes, making it ideal for a summer party.

But it’s the tangy cilantro dressing that truly elevates this pasta salad.

Because it’s created using low-fat sour cream, it’s lighter and healthier than regular mayo dressing.

Enjoy every mouthful of this delicious and refreshing Tex-Mex pasta salad.

The best side dishes for chimichangas

  • Esquites
  • Mexican rice
  • Mango salsa
  • Ensalada de nopales
  • Sheet pan nachos
  • Refried beans
  • Spicy cilantro slaw
  • Cowboy beans
  • Creamy Mexican corn chowder
  • Calabacitas con queso
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Green chile cheese cornbread
  • Candied jalapenos
  • Cilantro lime cauliflower rice
  • Tex-Mex pasta salad

What To Serve With Chimichangas

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your chimichangas.

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: chimichangas side dishes, what to serve with chimichangas
Prep Time: 5minutes
Cook Time: 20minutes
Total Time: 25minutes
Servings: 1person
Calories: 244kcal


  • 1portionchimichangas


  • Make your chimichangas according to your preferred recipe.
  • Meanwhile, select one of the following sides to go with it.
  • Esquites, Mexican rice, mango salsa, nopales salad, sheet pan nachos, refried beans, spicy cilantro slaw, cowboy beans, creamy Mexican corn chowder, calabacitas con queso, sweet potato fries, green chile cheese cornbread, candied jalapenos, cilantro lime cauliflower rice, and a tex- mex pasta salad are among the side dishes.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 244kcal


What is good to eat with chimichangas?

Mexican rice, refried beans, and chips and salsa are common accompaniments to chimichangas.

What side dish to serve with burritos?

Burritos go well with lime and coriander rice.
Salad with Mexican beans.
Chipotle Mexican Rice.
Mexican Salad with Mexican Corn (Esquites).
Coleslaw from Mexico.
Pico de Gallo is a kind of tomato.
Chips with guacamole.

How is a chimichanga served?

Chimichangas are shallow-fried burritos. They’re often served with salsa, sour cream, or guacamole, as well as a side of Mexican rice.

What to serve with tacos for a crowd?

Cowboy Beans are the perfect accompaniment to tacos.
Rice with black beans.
Crema with Chipotle.
Rice with lime and coriander.
Crema d’Avocado.
Chipotle Mexican Rice.

What vegetables go with Mexican food?

While maize, squash, and potatoes are conventional fillers, others such as tomatoes, mangos, and peppers make excellent taste enhancers and provide a splash of color to any dish. maize: A staple grain in Mexico, maize serves as the foundation for a wide range of traditional recipes.

What is a Texas chimichanga?

$17 for a fried flour tortilla stuffed with meat, chicken, and black beans and topped with chili con queso. Rice and beans are included.

What is a good side to serve with?

Every wonderful dinner must be accompanied with delectable sides! This is a list of delicious side dishes to prepare for your next family supper.
Green beans, fresh from the garden.
Zucchini and squash sautéed.
Salad with fruits.
roasted vegetables.
Salad from the garden.
Potatoes mashed.
Rice that is white.
Corn on the cob from Mexico.

What vegetables go with burritos?

While I like to make these burritos with bell pepper and zucchini, you may substitute any other veggies you have on hand. Corn, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms are all wonderful options. Rice that is brown. The rice holds the contents together and adds to the overall satisfaction of the burrito.

What are food side dishes?

A side dish, sometimes known as a side order, side item, or simply a side, is a culinary item that is served beside the entrée or main course during a meal.

What is the cuss word for chimichanga?

The most common story goes back to the 1920s, when Monica Flin, the creator of Tucson’s famed El Charro restaurant, mistakenly threw a burrito into the deep fryer and automatically started muttering ‘chingada,’ a Spanish slur approximately equivalent to the f-word.

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