15 Delectable Side Dishes to Offer with a Clambake

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering what to serve with your clambake.

In this essay, I’ll discuss 15 of the most popular clambake side dishes.

Are you in a hurry? Here’s the quick solution.

Clambake tastes best when accompanied with garlic bread, bruschetta, farfalle spaghetti, summer salad, and deviled eggs. Soups like clam chowder and tomato bisque are also delicious. Roasted and steamed vegetables, creamed spinach, and boiled potatoes are all excellent accompaniments to a clambake.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Tomato bisque

A luscious, creamy cup of tomato soup is one of life’s basic pleasures.

It’s a silky smooth rendition of the traditional tomato soup we all know and love, with a dash of heavy cream on top.

To call it a bisque, the most traditional variant would need shellfish stock.

Better utilize those clam, lobster, and shrimp shells in the seafood stockpot for the bisque!

Serve with the clam bake for the ultimate comfort meal combination.

This Primavera Kitchen dish contains a sour cream garnish as well as garlic, green onion, and bacon sprinkles.


Crack carrots

There is never a bad moment to offer vegetables as a side dish.

Since most vegetables are adaptable, they go well with almost everything, even clambake.

If you want to food prep for your weekend beach trip, these nicely roasted carrots are a wonderful, nutritious alternative.

They make a terrific nutritious and oh-so-good meal when served with your favorite seafood.

The finest roasted carrot dish can be found atSwanky recipe!

Pumpkin bruschetta

Bruschetta is often topped with tomatoes, but pumpkin is an excellent substitute.

Spoon slices of rustic bread with a combination of sliced pumpkin, parmesan cheese shavings, pinenuts, and balsamic vinegar.

You may prepare them ahead of time, making them an easy side to serve with your clambake.

Genuine Suburban Gourmetsrecipe adds a sweet balsamic reduction and some roasted fresh sage to the meal.

Stuffed tomatoes

Whether you’re seeking for a new way to utilize your freshly picked tomatoes or a fast side dish to bring to your DIY backyard clambake, look no further.

This recipe for nutritious stuffed tomatoes is just what you need.

It’s a delectable dish made with brown rice, onion, garlic, basil, and plenty of mozzarella.

(There is no such thing as too much mozzarella!).

To make this meal your own, take the recipe from Forks Over Knives as a reference and swap in your preferred mix of cheeses and herbs.

Hey, here are some more ideas for things to do with stuffed tomatoes.

Clam chowder

A clambake AND clam chowder?

Please bear with me.

When you can’t get enough of these salty, crunchy clams, why not add more?

This side dish’s silky smooth stock has a deep clam flavor, soft bits of potato, chewy clams, flavorful onions, and seasonal herbs.

The ideal way to consume it is to spoon some clambake seafood into shallow bowls and pour the soup over them.

Please pass the spicy sauce, crusty bread, and butter.

Quite a wonderful lunch!

For the ultimate creamy clam chowder recipe, see Dinner then Dessert.

Vegetable skewers

Grilled veggies are delicious on their own, but you can get creative and construct your own set of skewers.

Enjoy a relaxed night in with your favorite grilled vegetables on a stick.

The Forked Spoon serves simple vegetarian skewers with a fresh garlic herb sauce.

Asian summer slaw

This Asian slaw is incredibly refreshing and goes nicely with virtually any main meal, including clambake.

The zesty dressing of rice vinegar and ginger in this dish complements the savory and salty tastes of the clambake wonderfully.

Make your own personal summer slaw with this Cooktoria recipe.

Garlic bread

Why not keep things straightforward? I assure your visitors will not complain if you offer clambake with freshly made garlic bread.

Broil the top of a loaf of crisp garlic bread for 1-2 minutes towards the end, according to Recipe Critic.

Classic deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are often served as an appetizer at dinner events, but they can make an excellent side dish for clambake.

To prepare this famous meal, mix heaping tablespoons of egg yolk, mayo, vinegar, and mustard into the deyolked egg whites.

Don’t forget to sprinkle paprika and bacon on top!

Deviled egg fillings are sweet and creamy; it compliments the

Check out the best-deviled eggs recipe on the internet fromDownshiftology.

Green salad

What is your favorite recipe for a side salad?

My salad is green.

It’s easy enough for weeknight dinners yet tasty enough for a summer clam bake party.

To accompany your boiled fish and grilled meats, add a nutritious tossed salad.

Crème dela Pub features a simple Greek tossed green salad recipe that combines Mediterranean tastes in one healthful meal.

Roasted Greek vegetables

Roasted veggies make an excellent healthful side dish for steamed clams.

This roasted Greek vegetable dish with peppers, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes will take you to the Mediterranean.

For a delicious roasted vegetable dish for your next clambake, visitEazy Peazy Mealz.

Creamed spinach

What could be more satisfying than a serving of creamy spinach?

Dip your freshly cooked clams into this smooth and delectable dish to enhance your clambake.

The smoothness will make you forget you’re eating spinach, making it ideal for even the pickiest eaters.

Make the greatest creamed spinach dish from The Novice Chef Blog.

Farfalle pasta

Farfalle pasta is a terrific option to complement your clambake.

It maintains the creamy sauce better than other pasta forms and allows you to include some of your additional seafood.

This pasta dish has a buttery parmesan sauce that is the embodiment of all things rich and creamy!

Check out Julius Album’s recipe for farfalle with spinach, mushrooms, and caramelized onions.

Steamed green beans

Green beans retain their vivid green color and tender-crisp texture when steamed.

For an additional special treat, drizzle them with a simple buttermilk sauce.

This light and refreshing meal will complement your outdoor seafood feast!

Cooking on the Front Burners is a simple recipe that only takes 8 minutes to make!

Parsley boiled potatoes

One of the greatest potato dishes is buttery cooked potatoes with parsley.

You simply need three basic ingredients and five minutes to prepare this fast pot clambake at home.

If you’re in the mood to prepare, alternative potato side dishes to consider include skillet-fried or instant-pot potatoes.

Visit Foodie Crush for this very simple and delicious three-ingredient buttery parsley potatoes dish.

The best side dishes for a clambake

  • Bisque with tomatoes
  • Carrots should be cracked.
  • Pumpkin crostini
  • Tomatoes stuffed with cheese
  • Chowder with clams
  • Vegetable skewers
  • Summer slaw from Asia
  • Bread with garlic
  • Traditional deviled eggs
  • Salad with leaves
  • Greek veggies roasted
  • Spinach cream sauce
  • Pasta Farfalle
  • Green beans, steamed
  • Boiling potatoes with parsley

What To Serve With A Clambake

In this short recipe, I show exactly what to serve with your clambake.

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: clambake side dishes, what to serve with clambake
Prep Time: 10minutes
Cook Time: 25minutes
Total Time: 35minutes
Servings: 1person
Calories: 92kcal


  • 1portionclambake


  • Make your clambake according to the directions on the package.
  • Meanwhile, select one of the following sides to go with it.
  • Side dishes include: tomato bisque, crack carrots, pumpkin bruschetta, stuffed tomatoes, clam chowder, vegetable skewers, Asian summer slaw, garlic bread, traditional deviled eggs, green salad, roasted greek vegetables, creamed spinach, farfalle pasta, steaming green beans, and parsley boiled potatoes.
  • Serve right away and enjoy.


Serving: 100g | Calories: 92kcal


What side dishes go with a clambake?

Clam soup, steamers, mussels, corn on the cob, and coleslaw would be served. You could eat boiling potatoes. You are welcome to potato salad. You are welcome to enjoy macaroni salad.

What is served at a clambake?

A traditional clambake contains a dozen clams, half a chicken, sweet potatoes, corn, and other sides. The clams, chicken, and sweet potatoes are all cooked together in a big pot without the use of seaweed. In Ohio, John D. Rockefeller established the custom.

What desserts go with a clambake?

Lemon bars are a common dessert option for meals heavy on seafood. For a delightfully smooth treat, serve warm lemon bars right from the oven with dollops of Classic Vanilla Ice Cream. Scoop up Lemon Sorbet and top with fresh berries for an even simpler (and dairy-free) option.

What vegetables go good with clams?

Green Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette is one of the ingredients.
Asparagus roasted with lemon.
Bread with Garlic.
Brussel sprouts, roasted in the oven.
Carrots with Brown Sugar Glaze.
Root Vegetables, Roasted.
Sautéed Spinach with Garlic.
Feb 26, 2023

What is a good side to serve with?

Every wonderful dinner must be accompanied with delectable sides! Here is a list of delicious side dishes to prepare for your next family supper.
Green beans, fresh from the garden.
Zucchini and squash sautéed.
Salad with fruits.
roasted vegetables.
Salad from the garden.
Potatoes mashed.
Rice that is white.
Corn on the cob from Mexico.
More to come…
•Sep 14, 2020

What is side dishes or accompaniment?

Smashed potatoes with garlic and herb butter.
risoni “Spanakopita”
Tahini dressing on rainbow slaw.
Mashed cauliflower.
Salad with Asian soft noodle cabbage.
Cornbread with jalapeos.
Salad with Asian chicken.
Roasted parsnips with caramelized sugar.
More to come…

How many clams per person at a clambake?

How many Clams are there per person? A serving of steamed clams is 3 oz, or around 12 tiny clams.

What goes with steamed clams for dinner?

Steamed Clams are an elegant but simple supper that requires little thinking. Serve with a crusty toasted bread to soak up the wonderful broth. Instead, you may serve them over a bed of freshly cooked pasta like linguini or pappardelle.

What alcohol goes with clam bake?

The Ideal Wine for Your Buff Clambake Chardonnay.
Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine.
The Great White.
Pinot Noir rose.
Pinot Noir is a red wine.
May 22, 2015

What are the three most popular desserts?

The most popular desserts in America include cheesecake, cupcakes, jell-O, carrot cake, apple pie, ice cream, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate cake.

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