11 Delicious Side Dishes to Serve with Samosas

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering what to serve with your samosas.

In this essay, I’ll discuss 11 of the most popular samosa side dishes.

In a rush? Heres the short answer.

Vegetable korma, onion bhajis, lentil dahl, kachumber, or Bombay carrot salad go well with samosas. Mango chutney, tamarind sauce, cucumber raita, or cilantro mint chutney are the tastiest dips to offer with samosas. If you’re eating samosas for a snack, pair them with chai tea.

Ready? Lets jump right in.

Tamarind sauce

Even though it takes 30 minutes to prepare, this Indian tamarind sauce is well worth the effort.

It has a tangy taste that will complement intensely flavored samosas, as well as a dash of sweetness that will have you going back for more.

Once you’ve learned how to create this true tamarind sauce, you’ll never buy it again.

You may also freeze it so that you have some on hand when you need it.

Kachumber salad

Serve your samosas with kachumber on the side to brighten them up.

This Indian salsa is simple and quick to make (it just takes 10 minutes).

Cucumber, tomatoes, cayenne pepper, cumin, and red onions are mixed in lemon juice with cayenne pepper, cumin, and red onions. Then you’re finished!

Lemon’s zesty tones will cut through the greasiness of your samosas and keep the dinner fresh.

Vegetable korma

Curry and samosas is a classic combination.

The flaky crust and filled inside are ideal for soaking up a flavorful curry sauce.

Any curry would do, but I had to choose one. So I decided with the tried-and-true korma.

It’s not hot, so don’t be concerned if the samosas are a bit spicy. And the creamy sauce is heavenly.

Making vegetable korma is also a terrific way to use up any leftover vegetables in your fridge.

Cucumber raita

Having a plateful of fiery samosas for dinner?

Serve with a yogurt-based dip, such as cucumber raita.

The creamy yogurt and cool cucumber will either balance out or soften down the heat from the spices in your samosas.

When eating Indian cuisine, this 15-minute cucumber raita is a must.

Psst I also really like this pineapple raita.

Onion bhajis

Without a few onion bhajis, no Indian-themed celebration would be complete.

Serve with a few dipping sauces on the same platter as the samosas.

But be warned: if you offer these dishes as an appetizer, there’s a good chance your guests won’t have space for the main course.

To make onion bhajis at home, follow this recipe from happy and harried. To save oil, I use an air fryer.

Tomato rasam 

Tomato rasam is an Indian take on the traditional tomato soup.

It’s flavorful and a bit difficult to create, as you’d imagine. But after the first mouthful, you’ll be hooked.

Serve it with samosas for a warm, comfortable supper.

Don’t forget to preserve a samosa bite to wipe the dish clean at the end.

Follow The Kitchn for the full recipe.

Chana masala

Chana masala is a hearty chickpea curry.

It freezes well, so you can prepare a large quantity and reheat it anytime you want.

With a few crispy samosas on the side, you’ll have a filling, vegan lunch that everyone will like.

Serve this chana masala with rice for a filling meal of delight.For variety, I sometimes add kidney beans and mushrooms.

Mango chutney

Okay this is the last dip I promise.

However, I couldn’t end the list without including my favorite Indian condiment.

Mango chutney is sweet and sticky with a spicy kick.

And it just need six ingredients (plus a few optional additions, as is usually the case with Indian cuisine).

Enjoy every mouthful of your crispy samosas with this vivid mango chutney.

Psst, I’m sneaking in another dip option with a cilantro mint chutney.

Lentil Dahl

When you want a curry but want to keep things light, dhaal is a terrific choice.

Before biting into your samosas, scoop up a heaping spoonful of the lentil-y sauce.

This red lentil dahl will make everyone happy. It goes especially well with a refreshing side of kachumber!

Bombay carrot salad

In a rush?

This carrot salad is here to save the day.

All you have to do is combine the ingredients in a mixing dish.

The crisp carrots will be a nutritious complement to your dish, and the brilliant colors will give the dinner a summertime vibe.

The cashews give texture, while the raisins offer sweetness to finish out the meal.

What exactly are you waiting for? This carrot salad will liven up your day.

Indian ginger tea

The British like tea and biscuits, whereas Indians enjoy tea and samosas.

If you’ve never had chai, you’re in for a treat. It’s creamy, fragrant, and calming.

It will revive you and provide you a pick-me-up if you are feeling tired.

This 10-minute chai ginger tea is the ideal warming treat for a cold winter day, and it may be served for breakfast, lunch, supper, or as a snack!

The best side dishes to serve with samosas

  • Tamarind sauce
  • Kachumber salad
  • Vegetable korma
  • Cucumber raita
  • Onion bhajis
  • Tomato rasam
  • Chana masala
  • Mango chutney
  • Lentil Dahl
  • Bombay carrot salad
  • Indian ginger tea

What To Serve With Samosas

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your samosas.

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: samosas side dishes, what to serve with samosas
Prep Time: 5minutes
Cook Time: 20minutes
Total Time: 25minutes
Servings: 1person
Calories: 262kcal


  • 1portionsamosas


  • Make your samosas according to your preferred recipe.
  • Meanwhile, select one of the following sides to go with it.
  • Tamarind sauce, kachumber salad, vegetable korma, cucumber raita, onion bhajis, tomato rasam, chana masala, mango chutney, lentil dahl, Bombay carrot salad, and Indian ginger tea are among the side dishes.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 262kcal


What pairs well with samosas?

Mint chutney, tamarind chutney, chicken tikka masala, lentil salad, aloo gobi, chickpea salad, mango chutney, vegetable pakoras, masala chai, naan bread, sambar, palak paneer, bhel puri, tomato and onion salad, and veggie biryani are the greatest side dishes to offer with samosas.

What to eat with samosas for dinner?

The most typical method to serve a samosa is with a chutney-based dip. Green chutney adds a whole new flavor to samosas, and they go so well together. This chutney is primarily made with two basic Indian herbs: cilantro and mint.

What goes good with Indian food?

Basmati rice is a kind of rice. Simple aromatic basmati rice is one of the greatest accompaniments to Indian cuisine.
Pulao with vegetables. Vegetable Rice Pulao is a simple one-pot recipe that combines rice with a variety of vegetables and is lightly spiced.
Rice with cumin (jeera).
Yellow rice with turmeric.
Rice with lemon.
Paratha… Roti (Chapati)…

What is a good side to serve with?

Every wonderful dinner must be accompanied with delectable sides! This is a list of delicious side dishes to prepare for your next family supper.
Green beans, fresh from the garden.
Zucchini and squash sautéed.
Salad with fruits.
roasted vegetables.
Salad from the garden.
Potatoes mashed.
Rice that is white.
Corn on the cob from Mexico.

Are samosas an entree?

Samosas are popular in Indian and Pakistani restaurants and are generally served as an entrée or as a snack.

What to eat with Punjabi samosa?

Samosas are often served with chutney, such as mint and tamarind, but may also be eaten plain. You should also be aware that samosas may be served with a variety of sauces, spreads, and condiments. Chutney is often served with samosas in India. Chutneys made with mint are popular, but tamarind is another option.

How do you eat samosa etiquette?

Take your time with each mouthful.
To fully appreciate all of the tastes, chew carefully.
The slower you eat, the more time the remainder of the samosa has to cool down.
If you’re eating the samosa on a plate, rip it apart first to enjoy the aesthetic attractiveness.

What to drink after eating samosa?

9Drink some lukewarm water.

After a fatty meal, drink lukewarm water to stimulate the digestive system and break down the nutrients into smaller and softer forms. If you do not drink water after a large meal, your gut may absorb the water from the food, resulting in constipation.03

How are samosas eaten in India?

Samosa Chaat No. 1

In India, this is one of the most common methods to consume samosas. This famous street food samosa version is slicing the samosa and presenting it with masala, chutney, a variety of spices, and a range of additional toppings.

What is a side dish in India?

Rice, dhal, bhajis, saag aloo, and naan are staples of every Indian meal; discover dishes to get you started… Make one of our delectable curries using chicken, beef, lamb, or seafood – or keep it vegetarian.

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