11 Delicious Side Dishes to Serve with Pork and Beans

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering what to serve with your pork and beans.

In this essay, I’ll discuss 11 of the most popular pork and bean side dishes.

In a rush? Heres the short answer.

Beef ribs, fried chicken, hotdogs, or grilled cheese are the greatest side dishes with pork and beans. Mopping up sauce is easy with cornbread, biscuits, or potato wedges. Serve cucumber and tomato salad or southern coleslaw as a lighter side.

Ready?Lets jump right in.

Jalapeno-cheese cornbread 

A moderately spiced cornbread is ideal for dipping into a warm bowl of delicious pork and beans.

This jalapeño cheddar cornbread is usually a hit with my visitors.

Why wouldnt they?

It’s delicate and fluffy, with just enough spice to offset the barbecue sweetness of the beans.

Cucumber tomato avocado salad

A mild and zesty side salad complements the spicy pork and beans.

Salads should be simple, like this cucumber tomato avocado salad, which takes just 10 minutes to prepare.

The veggies are crisp, and the avocado adds smoothness to balance out the intense tastes of the beans.

Fancy schmancy grilled cheese

Whats fancy about this grilled cheese?

You must use the finest bread available, spread it with butter, and use many different varieties of cheese (three is the golden number here).

Use the grilled cheese to soak up the sauce from the pork and beans for the ultimate comfort food.

You can also take the grilled cheese sandwich to the next level by adding bacon, pulled pork, or caramelized onions.

Buttermilk fried chicken

How would you describe fried chicken?

Crispy, crunchy, crusty, crumbly, juicy, tender, and succulent are just a few of the adjectives that describe this dish.

Are you hungry yet?

I recommend getting some buttermilk and making this better than your favorite fast food restaurant’s buttermilk fried chicken.

The crispy chicken contrasts well with the softer pork and beans.

Spinach scrambled eggs 

I like making my pork and beans into breakfast by adding eggs.

The only thing lacking are some greens, which is where the spinach comes in.

The healthy spinach also lends the meal a slight earthy taste.

Kay’s totally spinach scrambled eggs have feta sprinkled on top for a salty kick.

Cheddar cheese biscuits

These cheesy biscuits are another great accompaniment to your pork and beans.

They have a more substantial texture than cornbread, and some crumbs may fall into the sauce.

But that’s OK; they’ll just soak up some sauce and become part of the beans!

This one-bowl marvel cheddar biscuit recipe is so simple to make that it can be made every day of the week.

Southern coleslaw

A chilled, creamy coleslaw will never be out of place beside some pork and beans.

The yogurt-based dressing adds a refreshing touch to the platter, and the acidity cuts through the richness of the pork.

Peach yogurt is used in this southern coleslaw to add sweetness to the dish.

Crispy potato wedges

Potatoes are a filling side dish that goes well with virtually everything.

These crispy potato wedges are a simple but flavorful side dish that will quickly become a favorite.

The paprika gives the fluffy potatoes a smokiness, while the cayenne pepper provides spice.

Psst, mashed potatoes, potato salad, and even roasted potatoes will do.

Spiral hotdogs

Pork and beans with hotdogs are a quick weekend meal for a game or movie night.

Both the beans and the hotdogs may be prepared ahead of time. Simply reheat them as soon as your visitors get hungry.

You may pour the beans over the hot dogs to form a bean dog, or serve them separately.

Don’t forget about the hotdog topping station, which includes bowls of pickle relish, mustard, ketchup, sour cream, and crispy onions.

Mexican corn on the cob 

Sweet corn on the cob complements the savory tastes of pork and beans.

Corn may be grilled, baked, boiled, or microwaved.

However, this simple Mexican corn on the cob is cooked in the oven with a cumin and chile rub inspired by Mexico.

Drizzle with more lime if you want it zestier.

Oven-baked beef ribs 

Nothing beats warm, hearty pork and beans paired with succulent, meaty, slightly browned beef ribs.

It’s a big dinner with big tastes, so make it a big event.

To amaze your family and friends, try these sticky oven-baked beef ribs.

The meat falls off the bone.

Add some ice-cold beer and prepare to have a good time.

The best side dishes to serve with pork and beans

  • Jalapeno-cheese cornbread
  • Cucumber tomato avocado salad
  • Fancy schmancy grilled cheese
  • Buttermilk fried chicken
  • Spinach scrambled eggs
  • Cheddar cheese biscuits
  • Southern coleslaw
  • Crispy potato wedges
  • Spiral hotdogs
  • Mexican corn on the cob
  • Oven-baked beef ribs

What To Serve With Pork And Beans

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your pork and beans.

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: pork and beans side dishes, what to serve with pork and beans
Prep Time: 5minutes
Cook Time: 20minutes
Total Time: 25minutes
Servings: 1person
Calories: 63kcal


  • 1portionpork and beans


  • Prepare your pork and beans according to the directions on the package.
  • Meanwhile, select one of the following sides to go with it.
  • Side dishes include: jalapeno-cheese cornbread, cucumber tomato avocado salad, fancy-schmancy grilled cheese, buttermilk fried chicken, spinach scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese biscuits, southern coleslaw, crispy potato wedges, spiral hotdogs, Mexican corn on the cob, and oven-baked beef ribs.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 63kcal


What side dishes go with pork and beans?

What should you serve with pork and beans? 8 DELICIOUS SIDE DISHES
1 – Spicy and Sweet Jalapeno Coleslaw.
2 – Roasted Garlic Parmesan Potatoes.
3 – Traditional Macaroni Salad.
4 – Oven Roasted Green Beans.
5th – Grilled Corn on the Cob.
6 – Honey Beer Bread.
7 – Quick and Easy Homemade Corn Muffins.
Grilled Cheese is number eight.

What is a good side dish for beans and franks?

Try retro sides that contrast with the savory richness of the beans, like a simple green salad, sliced carrots and celery, fruit salad, canned fruit (pears were especially popular with this back in the 1950s), a fruity jello salad, steamed squash with butter, string beans, or cooked carrots.

What do you eat with bean dishes?

side dishes that go with baked beans
Salads that are fresh.
roasted, grilled, or steaming vegetables
Salad with fruits.
Toast with garlic.
Salad with Jello.
Fries in French.

What main dish goes well with baked beans?

Grilled meats, such as steak, grilled chicken, burgers, hot dogs, and bbq ribs, taste even better with baked beans. Potatoes – To make a loaded potato, serve with mashed potatoes, French fries, roasted sweet potatoes, potato chips, or even baked potatoes!

What to eat with ham and beans?

The Ultimate List of Ham and Bean Soup Side Dishes
Cornbread. Cornbread is a popular accompaniment to ham and bean soup! … Scalloped potatoes or potatoes au gratin. Who doesn’t like a tasty scalloped potato dish? … Salad with Arugula.
Cobs of corn.
Sweet potatoes roasted.
Fries in French.

What goes with hot dogs and baked beans?

This Hog Dogs and Beans dish is delicious on its own, but if you want to offer it as part of a meal, I suggest serving it with cornbread and a salad.

What to have with hotdogs and beans?

Here are eight sides that go very well with savory hot dogs.
Salad with potatoes.
Beans that have been baked.
Salad with pasta.
Salad with fruits.
Fries in French.
Salads with vegetables.

What is a good side dish for beans and cornbread?

What should I serve with the beans and cornbread? 7 DELICIOUS SIDE DISHES
Greek Salad No. 1.
2 – Crispy Bacon with Fried Cabbage.
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (no. 3).
Casserole of Vegetables.
Meatloaf ranks fifth.
6 – Asparagus Dijon.
Coleslaw with Creamy and Tangy Dressing.

What vegetables go well with baked beans?

Baked beans go well with steaming veggies. Fresh corn, steamed broccoli, green beans, and other vegetables may be included. For a healthy alternative to fried food, pair baked beans with crisp-tender stir-fried vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, and celery.

What do Mexicans eat beans with?

The traditional types of beans (black or red) are often eaten with meat or rice in Mexico. The white and pink ones are very useful for making vegetable soups.

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